This is a selection of our members' success stories that they've chosen to share with us. If IOL Dating has brought you together with someone special, we'd love to hear about it. If we publish your story, you'll receive a complimentary IOL Dating subscription which you can give to a friend, since you probably don't need it yourself anymore! That way, someone you care about stands a chance of finding an ideal match the same way you did.

Donna, 2014-10-26

I have met the most wonderful man on this site and we are going to see where the future takes us. Thank you! Read More

Sally, 2014-10-21

I have found a truly nice guy we have met up and we are going to take it a step at a time. With my hectic work schedule I don't get out much but thanks to this site. I have had the opportunity to meet up with someone special. :) Read More


Jamie, 2014-10-20

The only words I have are THANK YOU!!! After struggling with other dating sites for years, I joined in August 2013. Within a matter of days, I received a message from the man that I would eventually spend my life with...I can't describe the value that's been added to my life because of you. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Read More

Jabulani, 2014-10-08

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to use this. I found my soulmate. Read More


Ettiene, 2014-10-03

It's almost been 8 years ago that I have met my wife through this site. Yes, I've always wanted to say thank you for a safe site that one can trust and for the fact that you helped me in finding the most wonderful woman that I have ever met! My wife and I are happily married and we have the most beautiful little girl of 5 who we named after my wife's username that she used on your website ;-). (Yes, it might sound weird..but she used a very beautiful name as a username.. ;-) Again, thank you for such a great website and most importantly for keeping it such a safe environment to meet new people. Read More

Claire, 2014-09-30

We are getting married next weekend! We met, fell in love, moved in together within two weeks, bought a house at 5 months, got engaged at 6 months and 1 year and two months after meeting we are getting married and we have never been happier! Thank you! To all who are feeling does happen! I know of 5 other couples who have met online! Be patient! Read More


Berilyne, 2014-09-25

Lovely site. Hopefully this was my last visit. I shall definitely recommend this site to the lonely hearts I know. Thank you. Read More

Bennie, 2014-09-22

Thank you so much, I have been on this site for 2 weeks, then I found my soulmate; you did what other dating websites couldn't. The chemistry between us is awesome, we both are looking forward to our brighter future. Read More


Lauren, 2014-09-20

...Dating really is a "you have to be in it to win it" game, so I encourage people to put themselves out there! I had a checklist of what I wanted, I stuck to it and this site allowed me to find my perfect match. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have found such a sexy, successful and kind man who is just as addicted to cycling as I am. We are so excited about spending the rest of our lives together. Read More

Hennie, 2014-09-19

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet my husband and soul-mate through your website. After five years of being single, I joined the website. He was my first date and we married 9 months after we met. Today we have two lovely children of 2 and 3 years old and are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in September 2014... Read More


Steve, 2014-09-19

It's been over a year now that I've been seeing the wonderful woman I met on here. We lived in the same suburb for a few years but thank you Dating Buzz for connecting us :-) Read More

Johan, 2014-09-16

Thank you for your service. I was a bit hesitant to try online dating at first. I only browsed through lots of profiles for a long time and eventually subscribed. I found a good match and she turned out to be a great girl. Let's hope for the best! Kind regards and all the best to all those still looking for partners. Read More


Anton, 2014-09-10

This site helped me tremendously in finding the right person in just a very short time and I will recommend it with pleasure to someone else. Read More

Luzanne, 2014-09-04

It's taken a loooooong time but I have found my Knight in Shining Armour. Thank you so much for making this forum available. I will soon become a Mrs!!! Read More


Cecilia, 2014-08-19

Thank you for helping me to find my match without going on too many blind dates. I'm very happy with my match and we plan to get married in November 2015! Read More

Elizma, 2014-08-12

...Our online compatibility was heightened and enhanced by our physical meeting. Usually one hears about how awkward first dates are - not ours! We spent all night talking and laughing, and we couldn't wait to spend more time together. We had another date the very next night, and it soon became clear that we had a mutual interest and attraction... Read More


Toerien, 2014-08-02

Thank you for the service - served its purpose! Met my dream girl!!! Read More

Jacolene, 2014-08-02

I found my perfect match through this site! Ecstatically happy!!! Thank you!!! Read More


Esmerald, 2014-07-08

I have found my match on this site and we are compatible for each other. Soon there will be wedding bells:) Read More

James, 2014-06-15

If I could contact anyone representing this site personally just to say thanks I would because I'm so grateful I found the love of my life and I will surely recommend it to my friends who are looking to date. Read More


Modiakgotla, 2014-06-15

This is the best thing that ever happened to me. I really found the perfect match for me and we are madly in love. Read More

Elisa, 2014-06-13

Thank you,thank you, thank you. After two years of being on your site I have truly been swept off my feet. I have met my prince. What an amazing journey of love we have begun... I'm the true African Cinderella story, across two countries and the shoe fit perfectly as he came all the way and took a chance on love. Read More


Roy, 2014-06-11

Anette and I met via this site. We would not have met in any other way. We are very well suited to each other, it is as if we are soul mates, and it feels as if we have known each other for many years, although we are together for just over one month... So this site has not only enabled me to find someone, it enabled me to find my ideal partner. Read More

Maria, 2014-06-05

When all hope deemed lost for me in EVER finding that elusive beloved of mine, he found me...! He is absolutely amazing! A rare diamond. No wonder I have been in search of him for so many years. I climbed many mountains, crossed oceans far and wide; traversed through valleys and over hills throughout the world in search of him whom my soul ardently yearned after...'This is it. I am home at last. My beloved is mine and I am his... Read More


Chris, 2014-06-04

Thank you for being the platform through which I found my beloved. I will gladly refer anyone here. Read More

Taryn, 2014-06-04

Thank you I met an amazing guy :) Read More


Michelle, 2014-05-28

Good Day, I would just like to tell everyone that my husband and I met on your site :-) We met in November 2011 and got married on 19 April 2014. It was thanks to this site that we found each other and we are both PROUD to admit that we found each other on this online dating site... This site really works if you are looking for genuine people!!!! Thanks so much. Read More

Victoria, 2014-05-28

Thanks very much for your assistance, I wish I can climb the mountain and tell the world how helpful this website is. I cannot wait to introduce the single ladies to the website. Wish I can invite you to my wedding. Thanks a lot for your help. Read More


Mercia , 2014-05-26

I am happy to announce that I am head over heels in love with a perfect gentleman. Thank you very much for your lovely website. I been on and off for a while now and finally my patience paid off.All the best for others...Goodbye Read More

Gina, 2014-05-24

Thank you, apart from meeting my perfect match, I had so much fun during my three months membership. There are any number of motivations for joining a site such as this, however, I believe there is no better way, or other way to meet people these days. Read More


Candy, 2014-05-24

Thank you for helping me meet such a wonderful man.Good work team. God bless. Read More

Shana, 2014-05-23

I can never thank you guys enough! I have found my match! I have not been this happy in a very long time. I was skeptical about using internet dating. But after my experience,I have a different opinion. I hope that you make a lot more people as happy as you guys have made me... Read More


Barry, 2014-05-22

Good site. I knew that I would be successful. Quality people and matches. I would recommend you to friends. Read More

Kurt, 2014-05-19

I found this site to be a pretty user friendly experience and you guys helped me find a woman I love dearly, thank you. Read More


Xolou, 2014-05-19

Would like to thank you I have had a lovely journey with your site. Thanks again I have find my match and my soul mate all thanks to you. Read More

Christine, 2014-05-14

Thank you!!! I found the man of my dreams on your site - we are happily married now and enjoying every moment with each other. I sing your praises loudly :) Read More


Ashley, 2014-05-12

Thank you guys/gals . Found my "princess". My advice from actual experience is NEVER to give up. I have been on this site for a couple of years before I found my soul-mate. We are now married. Best of wishes to the rest of you and may God favour you sooner than later with your " dream match". Read More

Lucille, 2014-05-09

I have found my match. Thank you for everything. Yay I am so Happy... Read More


Azania, 2014-04-28

Its a good site ..I enjoyed my time here and I'm happy to say I found my Mr Right :-) Read More

Mel, 2014-04-23

I met the man of my dreams last year in Jan and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much. Read More


Rene, 2014-04-23

Thank you for helping me to meet a wonderful gentleman on your dating site. I will definitely recommend this site to other people. Read More

Eleanor, 2014-04-14

I found my love on this site. It turned out that he lives down the road from me. I never expected any luck here and it was totally unexpected, but yes I am so happy with my love and we growing in leaps and bounds. Read More


Pearl, 2014-04-10

Loved this site.....been married to my husband for over a year now after meeting him on this website. It's been amazing!!! Read More

Nikki, 2014-04-08

Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!! Thanks to you guys I've met my husband and we're now expecting our first child.. super excited...I will definitely recommend this site to friends. Read More


Abbie, 2014-04-08

It has been good for the past four months I've been with the site & now I am grateful that I found someone through this site & am happy.Thank you for helping me find my soul mate. Read More

Jene, 2014-04-06

I'm very honoured to inform you that with the help of this site I found my perfect match ! We are both besotted over one another. Thank you I now believe that online dating can work. Read More


Tom, 2014-04-04

Thank you, I got my partner on this site, I am so in love with her. Read More

Bee , 2014-04-02

I've found my perfect man on your site, I couldn't ask for a better man. I'm absolutely happy and looking forward to our lives together. Read More


Lubica, 2014-03-24

We wrote each to other three months, knew we were the same, we still met, we are very happy together even if he is of Ireland and me of Slovakia, we are planning a future together and are very grateful to your dating site. As I am a journalist and writer, we want to write a book together about our unbelievable and beautiful love story. Read More

Juliet, 2014-03-24

Thank you I have found love here. Your site really has made a huge difference for me so keep up the Good work! Read More


Guida, 2014-03-24

I have met an amazing man through this site so I'm going to see where it takes me. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Read More

Corne, 2014-03-23

I have been on your site and after 9 coffees I finally met my match :)...We are now engaged... He is the most sincere loving man and I love him to bits. I will recommend your site to anyone, young or old. Thank you. Read More


Jabulile, 2014-03-22

Thank you so much. I have found my match and we are getting married soon. He is everything I have been looking for. Without your site we would have never met each other. I thank you for helping me find the love of my life. Read More

Nelus, 2014-03-21

I am grateful to this site because after all these years I found my match in the last month of my last time subscription. I almost gave up but true to my nature I push through and got richly rewarded. All I can say to you guys is stay true to yourselves. Read More


Jesse, 2014-03-20

She's beautiful and I'm Really in Love!!! Read More

Bianka, 2014-03-19

Thank you. I was on this dating site looking for love what I did not expect to find was my soul mate, best friend, lover and so much more. I found or more like was found by the most amazing man in the world I could want for nothing more! Read More


Victoria, 2014-03-19

I am happy to inform you that I have married one of the love to know you match since 2011. We now have two children. Read More

Landi, 2014-03-10

You have made me the happiest woman in the world. I re-subscribed after 2 years and within ONE DAY found my soul mate. Thank you for making my dreams come true! Read More


Lorraine, 2014-03-07

Hi just want to thank you for your excellent service. I have met and made many friends and now eventually found love through your dating site. Well done and I will recommend your services to other singles thank you, God bless. Read More

Gorata, 2014-02-25

It is an interesting site I have found someone passionate,loving,caring,devoted,determined,ambitious in short my perfect match.Thanks to you!! Read More


Martin, 2014-02-24

Great site, found the most amazing lady on here and the timing was just perfect. Thank you. I can't even begin to say how thankful I am for your services. Read More

Darryne, 2014-02-22

I met my match on this site. We got married and now we expecting our first child.I never thought that one could meet decent people on a dating site. I highly recommend this site to all single people out there. Read More


Boipuso, 2014-02-20

Thank you very much. I've found my perfect coral, the beauty spot of the jungle, the one whose smile tames the wild beast, my love. Once again Thank You for helping me find TRUE LOVE. Read More

Nthabiseng, 2014-02-20

Love is in the air,I found my soul mate. Already talking about marriage,I couldn't be happier. He's exactly what I was searching for,I love him so much...good luck to others. Read More


Lauren, 2014-02-18

After being on this site for almost 6 - 7 years I have met many wonderful people and have made quite a few friends. I do believe that God never wanted us to be alone in life, so to all those who are too scared to even try and look for a partner via the internet, give it a try. Don't be too skeptical about trying new things. I met my match on this site in August 2013 and we are pleased to announce that we are getting married this year. So, my final words to all who are lonely, give it a try. It works and if you don't find your ideal match you will then have many friends. Good Luck!!!! Read More

Vonnie, 2014-02-18

I was happy on this site, have made a lot of friends, but have found my match, Thank you. Read More


Malebogo Joyce, 2014-02-18

I have found what I was looking for from this site. Thank you so much. I am concentrating on building my relationship with the man that I found here. Thank you. Read More

Cornelia, 2014-02-17

This was my second time around and I thoroughly enjoyed it! This a great way to meet new people, if necessary I'll use the site again (but hopefully not;-). I'll recommend this site to anyone. Well done! And thank you. Read More


Sharon, 2014-02-17

I want to thank you so much for such a wonderful site. I have found the woman I would like to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you. You are the greatest. Read More

Zandy, 2014-02-09

I'm so excited I have found the man of my dreams, this site is wonderful keep it up guys. God bless. Read More


Nomsa, 2014-02-08

Thank you so much. I found my dream man,my future husband. Thanks Read More

Elize, 2014-02-01

I met someone on site and is now in a relationship. Thank you it was through you that I met him. Read More


Anell, 2014-01-30

I have met amazing people on this site and I wish to compliment you on delivering a great service. Thank you for helping me find love. Cinderelley has found her prince :) Read More

Celeste, 2014-01-20

Very happy. We are planning our wedding. Found my prince on this site! Read More


Annemarie, 2014-01-16

I've met a wonderful guy on this site. We are spending a lot of time together. It is the first time in my life I met somebody that respects people like he does. I also met a few good friends on this site. Read More

Anciah, 2014-01-06

I didn't know there was such thing as true love until I joined this site. Thank you so much to the team for making my dream come true, I found true love on this site. Thanks a million. Read More


Rob, 2014-01-05

I met the love of my life through your website and we got engaged this Christmas. Although I did not expect it, your website really works! :) Thanks for the great work. Would you please be so kind to remove my profile, I don' think I'll need it anymore. Read More

Liesel, 2014-01-05

Thank you very much for helping me to enjoy a lovely dating safe site. It really has helped to overcome my fears of not meeting someone but now I have met someone that makes it worth watching sunrises and sunsets again. Keep up the good work. Read More


Nolene, 2013-12-28

Every now and the you're fortunate enough to meet someone who just 'gets' you from the second they meet you...someone who loves you at your worst, thinks you're beautiful even when you're at your ugliest, and someone who makes it their life's purpose to make you happy in any and every way they possibly can. I finally met that person right here on this site! It's changed my life in the most breath taking way and for that I am deeply grateful :) Read More

Marilize, 2013-12-12

I have met the man of my dreams and prayers. We would never have met without this site due to the fact that I lived in Port Elizabeth and He lived in Heidelberg,Gauteng. I moved to Gauteng after only knowing each other for 3 months...that was last year September. This year September we got engaged and our wedding date is set for next year April!!! :-) Thank you for an awesome platform you offer people to meet their soul mates!!! Keep up the good work :-) Read More


Gracie, 2013-12-08

Hello. I met someone on the 26th December 2012 and we are still together... Thank you so much for the best fun I ever had finding someone special. I've only had great experiences, making sure I followed your safety guidelines. I've recommended you to friends and acquaintances alike. It's a classy site and your support team very helpful and prompt. Keep up the great work! Read More

Cherie, 2013-12-05

...I just want to give some hope out there to all the single girls and guys my age who may feel like giving up on finding love. Its possible no matter what your age. You just need to believe and persevere. Good luck out there gals and guys... Read More


Angela, 2013-12-03

Thank you, I have found a really fantastic guy on this site. Read More

Jeanette, 2013-11-25

This site is very effective and I'm so grateful for the effort they have put into ensuring that I find my match thank you because if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't be happy at this very moment in my life I wish everyone using this site all the happiness and success I have found xxxxx Read More


Eric, 2013-11-25

Thank you very much! You have restored my faith in romance and the hope that I will be happy again. In less than a month you found and matched me up to a truly amazing person! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Read More

Itumeleng, 2013-11-11

I would like to thank the team for the brilliant job they doing, please guys keep it up. I found my perfect fiancee, getting married next year. A big thank you again. Keep up the excellent job guys!!!!!!! Read More


Michael, 2013-11-10

Thank-you so much for coming up with this site, I have met the lady of my dreams. Keep up the good work guys because of this others can find love all around the world. Read More

Siranne, 2013-11-06

I met my husband on this site back in 2005. We chatted for about 6 weeks (I'd had some non-starters before so wanted to be sure before we met) and we met in January 2006. Since that night we have only spent 1 night apart (when I had to stay overnight in hospital) and we have been very happily married for 2 and a half years :-) Its so funny telling people how we met and seeing their reactions. Thank you! Read More


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